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Comparison of Melting Points

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RoadRunner Ice Melt

RoadRunner Always Has the Advantage

  • Contains calcium chloride - the fastest dry de-icer on the market
  • Begins melting immediately upon impact - generates melting heat fast
  • Effectively melts ice down to -15 degrees F
  • Needs fewer applications than rock salt
  • Safe on streets, driveways, sidewalks, steps and the environment when applied correctly
  • Doesn't track - it's colorless and odorless

50 lb. Box Only    $19.00

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Further information available
Datasheet (33KB PDF)

Melt Volume in 20 minutes at 15 degrees F

Comparing Deicer Temperature Limits


    Peladow Ice Melt

Peladow Ice Melt is used for melting snow and ice on steps, sidewalks, driveways, and parking areas, brine refrigeration systems, and as a calcium source for chemical processing.

Product Features :

  • 90% min. calcium chloride
  • Pelletized calcium chloride monohydrate
  • Number one brand for maintenance professionals
  • Average pellet size: 2.53.0 mm
  • Exothermic on contact with water

PELADOW calcium chloride is a pelletized product which meets ASTM D 98 and AASHTO M144 requirements for calcium chloride purity.

50 lb. Box Only    $25.00

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  • Non-Stick Coating - Sprays on and dries to a slick coating that prevents snow and ice from clinging to surfaces. Helps snowblowers and shovels stay resistant to snow clogs and clumps.
  • Safer Snow Removal - Eliminates the dangerous practice of reaching in to clear out blades (which remain under torque even when the power is off).
  • Minimizes Time Spent Outside - Keeps chutes and blades clear even while the snowblower is running. This means optimal performance for the quickest possible job.
  •   $ 5.00 Each  

    Available size: 16.5 oz

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